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Spiced elixirs

Spiced elixirs

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  • Hypocras 75cl

    Hypocras from "Maison Tripolix" is an ancient wine made with spices which the first traces go back to the Antiquity but the appellation "hypocras" is really only starting from the middle-age.

    You will drink this wine fresh but not chilled at the aperitif... With dried meat, cold cuts or Mediterranean antipasti, it is excellent.

  • Mulsum 50cl

    The Mulsum (which means "honeyed") was a very popular wine during the ancient Rome for the "gustatio", the equivalent of our current aperitif...

    It is the ancestor of the hypocras of the middle-age. Made from herbs, spices and honey, it will surprise you by its notes of gingerbread and candied fruit.