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Floral elixirs

Floral elixirs

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  • Epona 50cl

    Elixir made from Elderberry flowers caramelized, its flowery notes slightly sour make it a hymn to spring...

    In mouth, notes of exotic fruits provide a great freshness.

    Drank at the aperitif, pure or associated in cocktail with a Champagne or a Crémant, it accompanies perfectly foie gras or desserts. You can also simply enjoy it on crushed ice.

  • Aegyptus 50cl

    Known since the Antiquity, the roses have always fascinated men. This wine of rose evokes the Eden gardens of ancient Egypt.

    Its great sweetness and its floral notes will seduce you. It can be drank pure at the aperitif or in cocktail on a Champagne or a Crémant. It accompanies also desserts and fruit salads.

  • Aphrodite 50cl

    Elixir for the lovers, its notes of violets make this alcohol the perfect introduction to a romantic dinner. Excellent pure or in cocktail, you can drink it also in accompaniment of fruits salad, sundaes, sorbets or simply in digestive on crushed ice.

  • Carnix 50cl

    This wine mixes jasmine flowers with cherries.

    The floral and fruity notes combine perfectly in a very delicate way.

    Excellent and with a great originality in aperitif, pure or in cocktail on a Champagne or a Crémant, it can also accompany desserts and fruits salad.