Elixirs of dry fruits

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Elixirs of dry fruits

Elixirs of dry fruits

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  • Amandeum 50cl

    This Gallo-Roman Elixir is made from an ancient formula using the almond produced in the south of Gaul and the Roman provinces of the Mediterranean.

    Slowly roasted, caramelized and candied in honey, the almonds exchange their incomparable flavours with the ancestral grape-varieties.

  • Ancestral 75cl

    Taking its inspiration into the origins of our ancestors and the deep forests, the walnut gives all its character here...

    At the aperitif, its great power in mouth can be associated beautifully with terrines, cubes of Comté... All red meat will be appreciated on this Elixir.

    At the end of the meal, it accompanies brilliantly the cheeses plates.

  • Senones 50cl

    This Elixir with candied hazelnuts is realized in the purest respect of the ancestral traditions.

    It takes its origins in the territory of Senons (actually Sens, department of Yonne) and gives birth to an aromatic masterpiece with powerful flavors of candied hazelnuts.

  • Tradition 75cl

    Traditional aperitif Gauls wine by excellence, it combines candied chestnuts with old grape-varieties.

    This wine of character, with its complex notes of dried fruits, will be drank pure at the aperitif, accompanying for example terrines and melon... It will be also perfect in cocktail on a Champagne or a Crémant.